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Posted by / 08-Oct-2020 16:28

There are tonnes of dating websites out there so it can be tricky to know where to sign up if you're just starting out.

Is it best to choose one of the main players, or something more niche?

Think of photos as tools to express who you are, she advises.

She thinks it's particularly noticeable in people who don't have social media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram and aren't used to communicating this way online."If someone puts up a photograph that's ten years old and blurry, it's coming across as slightly half-hearted," Madeleine points out.

A lot of people believe this is just something women do, but Madeleine says both genders are guilty of lying about their age.

Don't let that number define you, but be truthful about it.

Madeleine recommends chatting for about a week as a rule of thumb."Obviously it depends on the circumstances, but after a few messages back and forth you should get a sense of if there is enough to go on. "It's not merely a date; it's an experiment to see if there's enough to go on to have a longer meet up in the future."Safety is important, and it's never more vital to remember this than when you're potentially meeting strangers online.Psychologist Madeleine Mason, founder of dating and relationship counselling service Passion Smiths, reveals the biggest mistakes older people make when it comes to online dating.This is, without a doubt, the biggest guff grown-up daters are making, says Madeleine.Even if you think it's just a white lie, pretending you're younger than you are isn't going to do you any favours.If you get close to someone, they're going to find out eventually that you tried to deceive them, so what's the point?

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