Dating old cameras dating online for older people

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Dating old cameras

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However, it appears that the first several thousand cameras that would have started from 100000 had the leading '1' omitted from the serial number, so they appear as a five-digit number between 00000 and around 12000.

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* there is a large gap between 12nnnnn and 13nnnnn 1958 - 1966: Stamped on the bottom of the camera body as a ten-digit number.

For these cameras, the year of production is indicated by the fourth digit of the serial number, 'X' in this example: nnn Xnnnnnn. EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE: Survey data suggest that: 1951 - 1957 Serial number: Stamped on the bottom, one to four zero prefix. Because the bottom is part of the back and is removed completely from the body to load and unload film, backs from one camera will fit another.

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However, as more and more contemporary sources are located it has become apparent that many published and on-line listings are not entirely accurate.

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