Dating mastery forum

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Dating mastery forum

This process can also have complications, for whilst no Cryptek will knowingly supplant another of the same conclave, a rival from another conclave will not hesitate to do so.

Though many a Necron Overlord seeks the blackstone that will hold back the flood of Chaos in this new era, the Technomandrites are already several steps ahead -- if their plans reach fruition, their mastery of science will give them the keys to ultimate triumph.

In the long millennia since the Necrons' biotransference, Crypteks have become just as stagnant and fragmented as every other aspect of Necron society.

In the present era of the late 41st Millennium, the surviving Cryptek Conclaves are maintained out of force of habit more than for any practical purpose.

All Crypteks possess a level of genius that makes the finest minds of humanity appear drooling simpletons by comparison.

The Technomandrites are the most inventive of them all.

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Though Crypteks have no official rank in the political structure of a Necron dynasty, they wield immense influence.

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