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After decimalisation it had a value of 5p — 1/20 of a new pound, just as 12p had been 1/20 of a pre-decimal pound.

The next coin in value was a two-shilling coin, also called a florin.

Next in value came the sixpence, a smaller cupronickel coin 19mm in diameter.

At 2.88g, it weighed less than a third the weight of the penny.

The two most prominent gold coin programs from the mint are the American Gold Eagle and the American Gold Buffalo.

Slightly larger than the penny at a diameter of 32mm, this coin was worth two shillings and sixpence, or 1/8 of a pound.

Like the shilling, it continued in circulation after decimalisation, finally being phased out in 1993.

Until that point, it had a value of 10p, 1/10 of a new pound.

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