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Dating in my 40s

Another important factor you need to iron out is whether or not you will date someone with kids. I had kids young so I’m at the point in my life that I don’t want to raise someone else’s kids. What does your relationship with your perfect mate look like? What are you willing to have in a relationship and not willing to have?

If I date a man with kids, the kids will be either late teenage years to adults. Once you’ve completed your intentions list, print it out or make copies and carry a copy with you, have one on your bedside table, and read it often.

And inversely, if you date older, you need to think about life expectancy, health issues and more.

I know women who don’t really care what age man she dates and I was a bit berated for my philosophy when I said a man was too old.

Later, I married the first guy who proposed to me, a decision that I later wished had come with an undo button. My insecurities, of my body or my dating skills, seemed to double, if not triple.

And the modern dating scene in the digital age did little to help.

Even in the digital age, janda is still viewed either as an inferior, debilitating, helpless, and pitiful soul or as a sex-starved homewrecker. A single, divorced male with kids is cute and endearing. Long story short, after trying online dating for some time, I was nowhere near getting a date. Dating apps and online dating websites have evolved. People immediately judge what sort of person you are based on your pictures and what you write about yourself. Eight out of 10 men that I chatted with were scammers. But instead of getting a “hello”, I saw his face on the phone screen with his eyes half-closed. His hands appeared to be inside his pants, moving up and down. We had met for coffee and to chat about our dating experience. Some friends tried to fix me up for a date with their single friends.Her face was somber and her voice soft as if she didn’t really want me to hear what she said.In an instance, I saw a reflection of myself many years ago, in her. I don’t want to date out of desperation and settle for whoever is available.A younger man or woman may seem attractive now but if you choose too young, what will you have in common?Will that person want to start a family if you already have kids and don’t want more?

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Most of the time, we have a tendency to gravitate toward the same type of person for one reason or another.

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