Dating hawaiian cattle ranchers

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Before the drought, the ranch had about 4,700 to 5,000 mother cows.Von Holt said he won't begin adding more cows to the herd until it rains for several more months.

But in recent years, many of these cold fronts only got as far as Kauai or maybe Oahu.He noted that shipping companies have even reduced shipping rates for feed supplements for cattle.While the weather service noted some voluntary calls for water reduction in Maui County that date back to several years, fresh water reservoirs as of Wednesday morning were about 80 percent capacity, said Paul Meyer, deputy director of the county Department of Water Supply.He also won't consider the drought over until rainfall at the 11,000-acre ranch returns to at least 80 percent of normal precipitation averaged across a 12-month period.Von Holt's ranch is part of a rich Hawaii ranching tradition dating to the 1830s, when King Kamehameha III asked Mexican vaqueros, or cowboys, to help round up feral cattle descended from cows and bulls given to the king's family by the British explorer George Vancouver.

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"That's not to say we don't watch that very carefully because it's been very, very dry," he said.