Dating drug addict recovering Acm asian cam

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Dating drug addict recovering

Even though he was in seminary, extremely involved in his church and could lead a Muslim at the local convenient store to Christ, he was in fact not being truthful about his drug addiction.

He was still struggling and had fallen back into the lifestyle several times while we were dating. While it sounds like your boyfriend is recovered and even helping others through addiction (praise the Lord), you are still taking a risk.

I didn't judge him because I've got past issues and baggage, too.

However, after we dated a while and got engaged, his behavior changed.

Besides answering this question, are there any additional resources you can recommend that speak to this issue?

HE SAID: I don’t have any professional or direct experience with substance abuse except for knowing some who have struggled in the past, and what I have learned from those few encounters was, addictions don’t ever “go away,” but are a constant daily battle to overcome.

While there is no way to ever know what a person may or may not do in the future, our God is still a part of that future.SEE ALSO: Teen Who Drink and Drug Face Higher Risks Each case will be different, but gaining some understanding with some professionals will best help you in preparing yourself for what might be ahead.With many addictions there seem to be hereditary factors which come into play and you may want to look into how genetics may have played a role in his situation so you know what you might be stepping into.I have a load of questions that might help us all with the big picture. So be weary of what you bring into your home, as it has more risks carrying with her. You could 'try' to give it a chance tho, but you have to calculate that she might bring her troubles with her.

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Many people never beat the kind of addiction he is recovering from. None of us has any guaranteed that our loved ones won't fall back into their old lifestyle, lie, or betray us.