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The Vikings were the people of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway during the 8th through the 10th centuries, who were known for being seafaring explorers.The Danish Vikings explored Western Europe, settling in the Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Newfoundland.The longest river in Denmark is the Guden, flowing 176 kilometers (109 miles) through the country.Other rivers include the Kongea, Odense, and the Skjern River, which is the largest river in the country by volume.The history of Denmark is closely tied to Sweden and Norway, with the three joining together in 1397 as one kingdom.When Sweden separated in 1523, Denmark-Norway persisted as a powerful union until 1814, when Norway joined Sweden and Denmark kept the colonies.The Vikings also invaded parts of Britain and France.Denmark became a Christian nation around 965, and the country was united around this time, and controlled many other territories in Europe.

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At the end of the war, parts of Denmark were occupied by the Soviet Army.

The Kingdom of Denmark includes the Faroe Islands and Greenland within its realm.

Denmark also shares borders with the Baltic Sea and North Sea.

The Kingdom of Denmark comprises Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands.

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