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Dating boss

Here at, we know most people would shout “BAD IDEA” very loudly at you if you even mentioned the possibility of taking your boss to bed.

However, we know love strikes in the most unexpected of places, like in the boardroom, by the photocopier and on those all-important team-bonding away days. and 5 p.m., keep the relationship on a work-only basis.

If you do tell them, it might make them more wary of your motivation – or they could be jealous if you get promoted or land a good gig.

And more to the point, what should you think about when it comes to dating your boss?

Getting romantically involved with a coworker is not uncommon; it’s estimated that nearly 10 million workplace romances start each year, and about half of all white-collar workers have been involved in a workplace romance at some point during their careers.

Although these status differences may result in problematic power dynamics within the relationship, it’s also reasonable to assume dating one’s boss leads to more career opportunities (e.g., benefits of favoritism).

If you’re determined not to move, consider having a breakup contingency plan. Young lady, make sure you approach dating your boss with caution.” Never try to photocopy your backsides.

According to new reports, the chairman of Restoration Hardware has resigned from his job after the company discovered that he was in a relationship with a 26-year-old female employee. Okay, we get it—sometimes people fall in love at work.

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Aside from the fact that most IT departments can access your inbox remotely, one slip of a finger on “reply all” and your whole team will not only know you are dating the boss, but they’ll know exactly what you plan to do to each other later.