Dating a sickle cell patient 10 dating rules for guys

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Dating a sickle cell patient

If your parents have the sickle cell trait, you may get sick from the disease, or you may only “carry” the gene and never have symptoms.Learning how the trait is inherited can help you better understand what to expect.From their first meeting with Kim Smith-Whitley, MD, medical director of the Center, the family knew they were in the right place.“I think the first few visits all I did was cry,” Rhonda says.People with sickle cell trait (SCT) also called have one normal hemoglobin gene and one abnormal hemoglobin gene.If both your parents carry the sickle cell trait, you have a 50% chance that only one of them will pass it on to you. People who carry the sickle cell trait aren’t likely to get sick with SCD symptoms.Just 30 years ago, children with sickle cell disease often died at a very young age.

“There were times she spent weeks in the hospital,” Kevin says.At the first sign of fever, the child must come to the hospital immediately for IV antibiotics.The parents kept Naomi away from pools and playgrounds.The mother’s healthy cells would circulate and multiply, and by the time the baby was born, so many healthy cells would be in the bloodstream, the child would experience no symptoms of sickle cell disease.In addition to the continuing research into a fetal cure, doctors at CHOP have helped lead advances that have greatly improved quality of life, including blood transplants to reduce the risk of stroke and the use of a drug called hydroxyurea.

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Doctors call these attacks “crises.” It’s passed down through families.