Dating a guy with emotional baggage

Posted by / 22-Mar-2020 18:51

Dating a guy with emotional baggage

When we get stuck in a routine, we walk through the revolving door without allowing ourselves to get out.

What we fail to realize, however, is that by bringing old and unnecessary emotional baggage into a new relationship, we’re burying past pains and hurt deeper inside of us.

Chances are, we would never even consider for a second what they’ve done to you.

By allowing baggage into your new relationship, you’re allowing us to be hurt by something we never actually said or did. One small thing quickly spirals into several bigger things.

Particularly, men were keen to point out the influx of single mums on the market.

It’s easy for us to be discouraged because of the pain and difficulties we have had to go through.Good thing I've learned to enjoy being by myself,” one person said.But, independent mums were quick to defend themselves.Your baggage is so deep within you, it’s starting to reflect onto us. The longer something is buried and rooted within you, the harder it is to get out.Do yourself a favor and leave your baggage at the door, before it destroys something or someone you could’ve never imagined life without.

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The so-called ‘bitter black woman’ that has been used and abused in her past but somehow brings the issues into her new relationships, has a brother; and he’s known as the ‘bitter black man’.