Dating a catfighter

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Dating a catfighter

Third turnbuckle, flying butt-plyer tackle, kinda wrestling...

Guys are prolly on board with me..curious as to how the ladies would react if you man asked you?

One local said: “These are not your typical good girls.” Police declined to comment on the catfight, but it is believed they are not investigating the matter further.

Meanwhile, these two young girls aren’t the only ones who have resorted to throwing punches to sort out a problem.

Well SASSY wont take on just any old tom so she fight him until he leaves POOR ****CAT is this what u mean by CATFIGHT ? I would tell him to look for a more compatible girlfriend and say buh-bye.

LOLIt's weird...last time I got in a fight with a girl she told me I was going to get my ass beat so I asked her by who (I knew who she was talking about, I was just playing stupid) I just stood there and told her she had to do what she had to do.....then she pushes me off the porch and I'm like "she pushed me off the porch" she's on top of me hitting me at this point and I'm like "she's on top of my hitting me".....I figured it was time to do something so I grabbed her and started kicking her in the stomach and that's when the fight got broke up and ever since then she's been going around telling people I made her miscarry. A lot of the women I've been with have known how to fight. Totally not my thing, nor would I be interested in a man who wanted this.

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Third turnbuckle, flying butt-plyer tackle, kinda wrestling... all of which would require vegas odd and stop motion cameras.i have a cat named SASSY and the back yard is her doman. Had an ex come by unnanounced, and tell her to get her claws off of me cause I'm hers. But, I guess ex's can have those stupid fits of jealousy.

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