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These series join the recently premiered original scripted series “Imposters,” and unscripted hits “The Real Housewives of New York,”“Southern Charm,” and “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” as well as new seasons of “Below Deck Mediterranean,” the late night talk show “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” and “Top Chef.” Bravo is the number one cable network among female viewers in the 18-49 and 25-54 demographics.

Bravo also finished the first quarter of 2018 as the number five ad-supported cable network in adults 18-49, its highest ranking quarter ever in primetime.

Actually, even on paper this show seems like a pretty bad idea, so I’m not sure I can make a lot of excuses for Bravo here.

When I tuned into the first episode of “MED,” I found it so thoroughly boring I kept trying to think of other things I could do while the show was on, like sock sorting or transcendental meditation.

Neill is a single mom who has moved back into her parents’ home in Dallas after trying to find fame as a musician and actress in New York and Los Angeles. When I met her at TCAs, she was less interested in plugging the show than in talking about her work rescuing dogs (a mission close to my heart).

The struggles of a young woman whose dreams have crash landed her back at Mommy and Daddy’s house with a kid in tow seem interesting, but mostly Neill is simply blonde catnip for Matt, who needs someone viable to make Courtney really, really jealous. She claims she wants to get married and yet has broken off four engagements, but I’m guessing that maybe those guys didn’t like the fact their fiance kept breaking into people’s houses to steal their neglected dogs.

If there’s ever a class on the delicate art of making addictive reality television (and who knows, there probably already is), “Most Eligible Dallas” (Bravo, Mon.

That level, of course, is set at a “Spinal Tap” worthy 11. ), as it is so thoroughly nonsensical in this case it’s a situation that only exists in the world of television sitcoms.

Whatever is going on with her, it will require deeper digging than anything we’re going to see on “MED.” It was in watching Tara do her good deeds that I was most struck by the biggest problem of this show.

Tara, determined to rescue a dog that’s stuck in a dirty, cluttered backyard in a poor part of town, nimbly hops the fence, lures the pup from its hiding place and walks it to her car as Drew gleefully tries to get her to say “Operation Beaver Snatch” for some reason.

It’s not the way Tara would care for a dog, and thus, it’s unacceptable — and so she has the right to do what even Animal Control likely could not. The sense of entitlement and privilege we see here (never undercut by the campy social striving of “Real Housewives,” for example) is an undercurrent being emitted from the whole cast throughout the show, like a low squeal that annoys you before you understand where it’s coming from.

Bravo has announced renewals for 20 of their original series.

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In addition, the cable network will expand to seven nights a week of original programming beginning in Fall 2018.