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Cyrano agency the dating guru review

Contents[hide]* 1 Baseball* 2 Basketball* 3 Boxing* 4 Chess* 5 Football* 6 Golf* 7 Hockey* 8 Mind sports* 9 Miscellaneous* 10 Motor sports* 11 Poker* 12 Power sports* 13 Skating sports* 14 Soccer* 15 Swimming* 16 Tennis and racquet sports* 17 Track and Field* 18 Finance* 19 Retail and rental* 20 Toys* 21 Confectionery* 22 Electronics* 23 Software and Internet* 24 Media* 25 Publishing* 26 Advertising* 27 Visual artists* 28 Architects* 29 Photographers* 30 Fashion designers* 31 Cartoonists, animators, and comics writers* 32 Authors* 33 Poets* 34 Playwrights* 35 Journalists* 36 Solo musicians* 37 Band musicians* 38 Jazz musicans* 39 Classical* 40 Producers etc.* 41 Songwriters* 42 Musicals writers* 43 Classical composers* 44 Film composers* 45 Film directors* 46 Film actors* 47 Television actors* 48 TV and radio presenters* 49 Producers and creators* 50 Comedians* 51 Theatre* 52 Magicians* 53 Dance* 54 Models* 55 Philosophers* 56 Social and Political Scientists* 57 Linguists* 58 Psychologists* 59 Economists* 60 Historians* 61 Physicists* 62 Chemists* 63 Biologists and physicians* 64 Mathematicians* 65 Computer scientists* 66 Inventorso 66.1 Presidential candidateso 66.2 Cabinet memberso 66.3 Senatorso 66.4 Representativeso 66.5 Governorso 66.6 Mayors * 67 Jurists, economists and military peopleo 67.1 Supreme Courto 67.2 Lawyerso 67.3 Economistso 67.4 Military * 68 Activistso 68.1 Social leaderso 68.2 Political and civil rights activistso 68.3 Anti-racismo 68.4 Feminism and gay rightso 68.5 Health and environment * 69 Controversialo 69.1 Criminalso 69.2 Other [edit]Baseball* Brad Ausmus, baseball player (Jewish mother)* Bo Belinsky, baseball player (Jewish mother)* Moe Berg, baseball player & spy* Ron Blomberg, baseball player, MLB's first designated hitter* Lou Boudreau, baseball player, MVP 1948, Ho F (Jewish mother)* Barney Dreyfuss, co-founder of the World Series* Shawn Green, baseball player* Hank Greenberg, baseball player, MVP 1935/1940, Ho F* Ken Holtzman, baseball player* Gabe Kapler, baseball player* Sandy Koufax, baseball player, MVP 1963, Ho F* Mike Lieberthal, baseball player (Jewish father)* Levi Meyerle, credited with first double and triple (1876)* Marvin Miller, first director of the MLBPA* Buddy Myer, baseball player* Lip Pike, 19th century player* Al Rosen, baseball player, MVP 1953* Bud Selig, baseball commissioner* Steve Stone, baseball player* Kevin Youkilis, baseball player [edit]Basketball* Red Auerbach, basketball coach, Ho F* Senda Berenson, educator & sportswoman, Ho F* Sue Bird, basketball player (Jewish father)* Larry Brown, basketball coach* Marty Friedman, basketball player, Ho F* Eddie Gottlieb, NBA co-founder, Ho F* Nat Holman, basketball player & coach, Ho F* Red Holzman, basketball coach, Ho F* Nancy Lieberman, basketball player, Ho F* Harry Litwack, basketball coach, Ho F* Maurice Podoloff, basketball commissioner, Ho F* Abe Saperstein, creator of the Harlem Globetrotters, Ho F* Dolph Schayes, basketball player, Ho F* Ossie Schectman, scored first basket of NBA (1946)* Barney Sedran, basketball player, Ho F* David Stern, basketball commissioner [edit]Boxing* Ray Arcel, boxing trainer, Ho F* Bob Arum, boxing promoter, Ho F* Abe Attell, world featherweight champion, Ho F* Benny Bass, world featherweight champion, Ho F* Samuel Berger, first Olympic heavyweight champion* Joe Choynski, heavyweight fighter, Ho F* Charley Goldman, boxing trainer, Ho F* Mike Jacobs, boxing promoter, Ho F* Jackie Kallen, boxing promoter* Louis Kid Kaplan, world featherweight champion, Ho F* Benny Leonard, world lightweight champion, Ho F* Battling Levinsky, world light-heavyweight champion, Ho F* Jill Matthews, world junior-flyweight champion* Dana Rosenblatt, world middleweight champion* Maxie Rosenbloom, world light-heavyweight champion, Ho F* Barney Ross, world lightweight and welterweight champion, Ho F* Mike Rossman, world light-heavyweight champion (Jewish mother)* Lew Tendler, the "greatest southpaw in ring history", Ho F [edit]Chess* Lev Alburt, US Chess Champion, Ho F* Joel Benjamin, US Chess Champion* Hans Berliner, World Postal Chess Champion, Ho F* Arthur Bisguier, US Chess Champion, Ho F* Arnold Denker, US Chess Champion, Ho F* Roman Dzindzichashvili, US Chess Champion* Esther Epstein, US Women's Chess Champion* Larry Evans, US Chess Champion, Ho F* Reuben Fine, chess grandmaster, Ho F* Bobby Fischer, US & World Chess Champion, Ho F (Jewish mother & alleged Jewish father; does not identify, and is in fact an outspoken anti-Semite)* Gisela Gresser, US Women's Chess Champion, Ho F* Boris Gulko, US Chess Champion* Israel Horowitz, chess player, Ho F* Isaac Kashdan, chess grandmaster, Ho F* George Koltanowski, chess grandmaster, Ho F* Irina Levitina, US Women's Chess Champion & bridge champion* Fred Reinfeld, chess writer, Ho F* Samuel Reshevsky, US Chess Champion, Ho F* Herman Steiner, US Chess Champion* Wilhelm Steinitz, World Chess Champion, Ho F* Michael Wilder, US Chess Champion [edit]Football* Lyle Alzado, football player* Harris Barton, football player* Al Davis, football coach, PFHo F* Jay Fiedler, football player* Benny Friedman, football player, PFHo F, CFHo F* Sid Gillman, football coach, PFHo F, CFHo F* Marshall Goldberg, football player, CFHo F* Marv Levy, footbal coach, PFHo F* Benny Lom, football player* Sid Luckman, football player, PFHo F, CFHo F* Ron Mix, football player, PFHo F* Igor Olshansky, football player [edit]Golf* Amy Alcott, golfer* Bruce Fleisher, golfer* Jonathan Kaye, golfer* Cristie Kerr, golfer (Jewish father)* Morgan Pressel, golfer [edit]Hockey* Gary Bettman, NHL commissioner* Sara De Costa, hockey player* Jeff Halpern, hockey player* Mathieu Schneider, hockey player [edit]Mind sports* Billy Eisenberg, bridge & backgammon champion* Charles Goren, bridge player & writer* Oswald Jacoby, bridge & backgammon champion* Joel Sherman, scrabble champion [edit]Miscellaneous* Alan Gelfand, skateboarder, Ollie inventor* Albert Axelrod, fencer* Gary Auerbach, frisbee champion* Sidney Franklin, bullfighter* Vic Hershkowitz, handball champion* Marshall Holman, bowling champion* Jimmy Jacobs, handball champion, boxing coach* Sada Jacobson, fencer* Mark Roth, bowling champion* Kerri Strug, gymnast [edit]Motor sports* Kenny Bernstein, drag racer* Paul Newman, auto racer & team owner (Jewish father)* Peter Revson, F1 racer* Mauri Rose, Indy 500 racer [edit]Poker* Mickey Appleman, poker champion (4 WSOP bracelets)* Lyle Berman, poker player & business executive (3 WSOP bracelets)* Barry Greenstein, poker player & philanthropist (1 WSOP braclet)* Perry Green, poker player (3 WSOP bracelets)* Jay Heimowitz, poker player (6 WSOP bracelets)* Howard Lederer & Annie Duke, poker players (2 & 1 WSOP bracelets) (unconfirmed)* Mike "The Mouth" Matusow, poker player (2 WSOP bracelets)* David Sklansky, poker player & author (3 WSOP bracelets) (unconfirmed)* Jack Straus, poker player (2 WSOP bracelets, 1 championship)* Stu Ungar, poker player (5 WSOP bracelets, 3 championships) [edit]Power sports* Isaac Berger, Olympic weightlifter (1g2s)* Bill Goldberg, professional wrestler* Scott Levy, professional wrestler (Raven)* Dean Malenko, professional wrestler* Amy Weisberger, powerlifter* Henry Wittenberg, Olympic wrestler (1g1s) [edit]Skating sports* Sasha Cohen, figure skater* Scott Cohen, free skating champion* Aaron Feinberg, rollerblading champion* Sarah Hughes, figure skating champion (Jewish mother)* Irving Jaffee, speed skating champion [edit]Soccer* Yari Allnut, soccer player* Jeff Agoos, soccer player* Dan Calichman, soccer player* Don Garber, soccer comissioner* Shep Messing, soccer player* Sara Whalen, soccer player* Ethan Zohn, soccer player [edit]Swimming* Tiffany Cohen, Olympic swimmer (2g)* Anthony Ervin, Olympic swimmer (1g1s) (Jewish mother)* Lenny Krayzelburg, Olympic swimmer (3g)* Jason Lezak, Olympic swimmer (2g1s1b)* Keena Rothhammer, Olympic swimmer (1g1s)* Mark Spitz, Olympic swimmer (9g1s1b)* Dara Torres, Olympic swimmer (4g1s4b) (Jewish father) [edit]Tennis and racquet sports* Joey Cornblit, jai-alai player* Brad Gilbert, tennis player & coach* Brian Gottfried, tennis player* Marty Hogan, racquetball player* Aaron Krickstein, tennis player* Victor Niederhoffer, squash player* Dr. Here is a list of some prominent Jewish Americans, arranged by field of activity. Beagle, novelist* Saul Bellow, writer, Nobel Prize (1976)* Robert Bloch, science fiction author* Harold Bloom, literary critic* Judy Blume, children's author* Jane Bowles, writer & playwright* David Brin, science fiction author* Michael Chabon, novelist* Howard Chaykin, comic book writer* Peter David, comic book writer* E. Doctorow, writer* Harlan Ellison, 'speculative fiction' writer* Howard Fast, novelist* Raymond Federman, postmodernist writer* Edna Ferber, author* Jonathan Safran Foer, writer* Betty Friedan, writer* Kinky Friedman, crime writer & singer/songwriter* Neil Gaiman, science-fiction author & comic book writer* Natalie Goldberg, author & teacher* William Goldman, novelist & screenwriter* Joe Haldeman, science fiction author* Daniel Handler, writer* Joseph Heller, novelist* Mark Helprin, novelist* Erica Jong, author* Jonathan Kellerman, crime novelist* Cyril M. Ackerman, science fiction author & fan* Nelson Algren, novelist* Jonathan Ames, author* Sholem Asch, Yiddish writer* Isaac Asimov, science fiction author* Paul Auster, author* Peter S.Kaufman, playwright* Sidney Kingsley, playwright* Arthur Kopit, playwright* Tony Kushner, playwright* Arthur Laurents, playwright & librettist* Jerome Lawrence, playwright* Craig Lucas, playwright* David Mamet, playwright* Donald Margulies, playwright* Arthur Miller, playwright* Clifford Odets, playwright* Elmer Rice, playwright* Martin Sherman, playwright* Neil Simon, playwright* Alfred Uhry, playwright* Wendy Wasserstein, playwright [edit]Journalists* Carl Bernstein, Watergate reporter* Dan Daniel, sports writer* Barbara Ehrenreich, journalist* Charles Flato, American writer and Soviet agent* Pauline & Esther Friedman, advice columnists (Dear Abby and Ann Landers)* Thomas Friedman, columnist* Jonah Goldberg, commentator* David Halberstam, Vietnam reporter* Seymour Hersh, My Lai reporter* Michael Kinsley, journalist & commentator* Samuel Krafsur, TASS journalist and Soviet agent* Paul Krassner, satirist* Charles Krauthammer, columnist* A. Liebling, journalist* Walter Lippmann, journalist & writer* Joshua Micah Marshall, political blogger* Shirley Povich, sports columnist* William Safire, columnist* George Seldes, investigative journalist* Gloria Steinem, journalist & feminist activist* I. Stone, investigative journalist* Walter Winchell, gossip columnist [edit]Solo musicians* Paula Abdul, pop singer, dancer* Herb Alpert, leader of Tijuana Brass* Beck, singer/songwriter (Jewish mother)* Dan Bern, singer/songwriter* Theodore Bikel, singer/songwriter* Hal Blaine, session drummer* Michael Bolton, singer/songwriter* Shlomo Carlebach, singer* Vanessa Carlton, singer/songwriter (Jewish mother)* Eric Carmen, singer/songwriter* Marc Cohn, singer/songwriter* Joe Dassin, French-based singer* Sammy Davis Jr, singer, entertainer (convert)* Taylor Dayne, dance-pop singer* Neil Diamond, singer/songwriter* Ani Di Franco, singer/songwriter (Jewish mother) (unconfirmed)* King Django, ska artist* Alix Dobkin, folk singer* Bob Dylan, singer/songwriter* Kenny G, pop saxophonist* Marvin Goldstein, pianist* Nina Gordon, singer* Lesley Gore, pop singer* Eydie Gorme, pop singer* Josh Groban, pop singer (Jewish father)* Stefan Grossman, guitarist, educator* Arlo Guthrie, folk singer (Jewish mother)* Larry Harlow, salsa musician* Janis Ian, singer/songwriter* Billy Joel, singer/songwriter* Lucy Kaplansky, folk singer* Carol Kaye, bass player* Carole King, singer/songwriter* Lenny Kravitz, rock musician (Jewish father)* Ben Kweller, singer/songwriter* Tony Levin, bass player* Lisa Loeb, singer/songwriter* Barry Manilow, singer/songwriter* Bette Midler, singer, actress* Meredith Monk, vocalist, composer* Laura Nyro, singer/songwriter (Jewish mother)* Phil Ochs, protest singer* Glen Phillips, singer/songwriter* Phranc, folk singer* Elvis Presley, rock&roll musician (Jewish great-great-grandmother)* Lou Reed, singer/songwriter* Jonathan Richman, proto-punk singer* Rachael Sage, singer/songwriter* Neil Sedaka, singer/songwriter* Lhasa de Sela, singer/songwriter (Jewish mother)* Dinah Shore, singer, actress* Carly Simon, singer/songwriter (Jewish father)* Paul Simon, singer/songwriter* Jill Sobule, singer/songwriter* Regina Spektor, singer/songwriter* Brenda K.Starr, salsa singer (Jewish father)* Barbra Streisand, singer, actress, director* Princess Superstar, rapper* Tiny Tim, singer (Jewish mother)* Sophie Tucker, singer, entertainer* Scott Walker, singer/songwriter (unconfirmed)* Jackie Wilson, soul singer (convert)* Steve Wynn, singer/songwriter* Warren Zevon, singer/songwriter [edit]Band musicians Arranged by band name:* 3rd Bass - MC Serch* Aerosmith - Joey Kramer* The Angry Samoans - Todd Homer, Gregg Turner, Bill Vockeroth* Anthrax - Scott Ian, Dan Lilker* Asleep at the Wheel - Ray Benson, Lucky Oceans* Backstreet Boys - Nick Carter (unconfirmed Jewish father)* Bad Religion - Greg Graffin, Brett Gurewitz, Greg Hetson* The Bangles - Susanna Hoffs* The Beach Boys - David Marks (half Jewish)* Beastie Boys - Michael Diamond, Adam Yauch, Adam Horovitz (Horovitz half Jewish)* The Black Crowes - Chris & Rich Robinson (both half Jewish)* Blondie - Chris Stein (half Jewish)* Blood, Sweat & Tears - Al Kooper, Fred Lipsius, Randy Brecker, Jerry Weiss, Steve Katz, Bobby Colomby* Blue Fringe - the whole band* Blue �yster Cult - Eric Bloom, Donald Roeser* Bon Jovi - David Bryan* The Calling - Alex Band, Aaron Kamin* Cannibal Corpse - Paul Mazurkiewicz* The Cars - Elliot Easton* The Circle Jerks - Keith Clark, Greg Hetson, Lu cky Lehrer, Keith Morris (half-Jewish), Zander Schloss* Counting Crows - Adam Duritz* Country Joe and the Fish - Joe Mc Donald, Barry Melton (both half Jewish)* The Dictators - Andy Shernoff, Handsome Dick Manitoba, Ross Friedman, Scott Kempner* Death - Chuck Schuldiner* Disturbed - David Draiman* Dixie Dregs - Rod Morgenstein* The Doors - Robbie Krieger* Dream Syndicate - Steve Wynn* Dream Theater - Mike Portnoy, Jordan Rudess* The E Street Band - Max Weinberg, Roy Bittan* Elastica - Abby Travis* Fates Warning - Mark Zonder* Foo Fighters - Pat Smear (Jewish father)* Fountains of Wayne - Adam Schlesinger* The Fugs - Tuli Kupferberg* Grateful Dead - Mickey Hart* Guns N' Roses - Steven Adler, Slash (a.k.a.

Kornbluth, science fiction writer* Jerzy Kosinski, writer* Jonathan Kozol, writer & educator* Edward E.Saul Hudson) (half-Jewish)* Guster - Ryan Miller, Adam Gardner, Brian Rosenworcel* Heartbreakers - Richard Hell* The Hooters - Rob Hyman, Eric Bazilian* Incubus - Mike Einziger* J.Geils Band - Peter Wolf, Stephen Bladd, Magic Dick, Seth Justman, Danny Klein* Jane's Addiction - Eric Avery, Perry Farrell, Stephen Perkins* Jefferson Airplane - Marty Balin, Jorma Kaukonen (both half Jewish) Paul Kantner * KISS - Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Bruce Kulick* The Last - Dave Nazworthy* Letters to Cleo - Michael Eisenstein* Linkin Park - Brad Delson, Rob Bourdon* Liquid Tension Experiment - Mike Portnoy, Jordan Rudess* Los Lobos - Steve Berlin* The Mamas & the Papas - Cass Elliot* Maroon 5 - Adam Levine* Matchbox Twenty - Brian Yale, Adam Gaynor* Megadeth - Dave Mustaine, Marty Friedman* The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Joe Gittleman* The Modern Lovers - Jonathan Richman* Moldy Peaches - Adam Green* Morphine - Mark Sandman* Mothers of Invention - Howard Kaylan, Mark Volman (Volman half Jewish)* Mountain - Leslie West (also Canadian Corky Laing)* New York Dolls - David Johansen (Jewish mother), Arthur Kane, Sylvain Sylvain* NOFX - Fat Mike, Eric Melvin* Patti Smith group - Lenny Kaye, Richard Sohl* Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Mike Bloomfield* Peter, Paul and Mary - Peter Yarrow* Phish - Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon* Porno for Pyros - Perry Farrell, Stephen Perkins* Quicksilver Messenger Service - David Freiberg* Rage Against the Machine - Brad Wilk* The Ramones - Joey Ramone, Tommy Ramone* The Raspberries - Eric Carmen* Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Hillel Slovak* Scissor Sisters - Babydaddy* The Shangri-Las - Mary Weiss, Elizabeth "Betty" Weiss, Marguerite "Marge" Ganser, Mary Ann Ganser* Simon and Garfunkel - Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel* Sleater-Kinney - Carrie Brownstein, Janet Weiss* Soul Coughing - Yuval Gabay* Sparks - Ron Mael, Russell Mael* Spin Doctors - Chris Barron, Eric Schenkman, Aaron Comess* Steely Dan - Donald Fagen* The Strokes - Nick Valensi* Television - Richard Hell, Tom Verlaine (Verlaine half-Jewish)* Tenacious D - Jack Black* Toad the Wet Sprocket - Glen Phillips* Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Howie Epstein, Sam Lynch* The Turtles - Howard Kaylan, Mark Volman (Volman half Jewish)* Twisted Sister - Dee Snider, Jay Jay French (Snider Jewish father)* The United States of America - Dorothy Moskowitz* Van Halen - David Lee Roth* Velvet Underground - Lou Reed* Veruca Salt - Nina Gordon, Jim Shapiro* The Voidoids - Richard Hell* The Wallflowers - Jakob Dylan, Rami Jaffe, Greg R ichling* Was (Not Was) - David Was, Don Was* The Weavers - Ronnie Gilbert, Fred Hellerman* Ween - Gene Ween* Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Brian Chase* Yo La Tengo - Ira Kaplan* Youth Brigade - Adam Stern, Mark Stern, Shawn Stern [edit]Jazz musicans* Joey Baron, jazz drummer* Jay Beckenstein, Dave Samuels, members of Spyro Gyra* Bob Berg, jazz saxophonist* Jane Ira Bloom, jazz saxophonist* Michael Brecker, jazz saxophonist* Randy Brecker, jazz trumpeter* Bob Brozman, blues musician* Uri Caine, jazz pianist* Popa Chubby, blues singer* Peter Cincotti, jazz pianist, singer (Jewish mother)* Harry Connick, Jr., jazz pianist, singer (Jewish mother)* Eddie Daniels, jazz clarinetist* Bela Fleck, bluegrass musician* Dave Frishberg, jazz pianist, singer/songwriter* Stan Getz, jazz saxophonist* Benny Goodman, jazz clarinetist* David Grisman, bluegrass musician* Fred Hersch, jazz pianist* Lee Konitz, jazz saxophonist* Steve Lacy, jazz saxophonist* Mark Levine, jazz pianist, valve trombonist, teacher* Mike Mainieri, jazz vibraphonist* Herbie Mann, jazz flautist* Shelly Manne, jazz drummer* Mezz Mezzrow, jazz clarinetist* Alan Paul, Janis Siegel, members of The Manhattan Transfer* Joshua Redman, jazz saxophonist (Jewish mother)* Buddy Rich, jazz drummer (Jewish father)* Red Rodney, jazz trumpeter* Raymond Scott, jazz musician & inventor* Willie "The Lion" Smith, jazz pianist* Artie Shaw, jazz clarinetist* Ben Sidran, jazz pianist & producer* Mel Torme, jazz singer* John Zorn, jazz saxophonist [edit]Classical* Larry Adler, harmonica player* Vladimir Ashkenazi, pianist (Jewish father)* Joshua Bell, violinist (Jewish mother)* Leon Botstein, conductor, academic* Yefim Bronfman, pianist* Sergiu Comissiona, conductor* Antal Dorati, conductor* Mischa Elman, violinist* Arthur Fiedler, conductor* Leon Fleisher, pianist* Richard Goode, pianist* Gary Graffman, pianist* Jascha Heifetz, violinist* Vladimir Horowitz, pianist* Eugene Istomin, pianist (Jewish mother)* Byron Janis, pianist* Otto Klemperer, conductor* Fritz Kreisler, violinist (Jewish father)* Wanda Landowska, harpsichordist* James Levine, conductor* George London, baritone* William Kapell, pianist* Lorin Maazel, conductor* Yehudi Menuhin, violinist* Nathan Milstein, violinist* Pierre Monteux, conductor* Eugene Ormandy, conductor* Jan Peerce, tenor* Murray Perahia, pianist* Andr� Previn, conductor* Fritz Reiner, conductor* Leonard Rose, cellist* Arthur Rubinstein, pianist* Peter Serkin, pianist (Jewish father)* Rudolf Serkin, pianist* Beverly Sills, soprano* Leonard Slatkin, conductor* Georg Solti, conductor* Janos Starker, cellist* Isaac Stern, violinist* George Szell, conductor* Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor* Rosalyn Tureck, harpsichordist* Bertram Turetzky, contrabassist* Bruno Walter, conductor* Paul Wittgenstein, pianist* David Zinman, conductor [edit]Producers etc.* Herb Alpert, co-founder of A&M Records* Ralph Bass, R&B producer* Brian Brater & Jarret Meyer, founders of Rawkus Records* Leonard & Phil Chess, founders of Chess Records* Hilly Crystal, founder of CBGB's* Clive Davis, founder of Arista Records* Richard Foos, founder of Rhino Records* Alan Freed, DJ & music promoter* Milt Gabler, founder of Commodore Records* David Geffen, founder of Geffen Records* Danny Goldberg, founder of Artemis Records* Bill Graham, concert promoter* Norman Granz, founder of Verve Records* Brett Gurewitz, founder of Epitaph Records* Jac Holzman, founder of Elektra Records* Alfred Lion & Frank Wolff, founders of Blue Note Records* Richard Meltzer, rock critic* Eddie, Leo & Ira Messner, founders of Aladdin Records* Irving Mills, producer, manager & writer* Syd Nathan, founder of King Records* Mo Ostin, record executive* Sandy Pearlman, producer, manager & writer* Hilary Rosen, head of the RIAA* Rick Rubin, founder of Def Jam* Art Rupe, founder of Specialty Records* Mickey Ruskin, founder of Max's Kansas City* Phil Spector, producer, writer & murder suspect* Scott Storch, hip hop producer* Jerry Wexler, partner in Atlantic Records* Max Yasgur, owner of the Woodstock farm [edit]Songwriters* Burt Bacharach & Hal David, songwriters* Jeff Barry & Ellie Greenwich, songwriters* Alan & Marilyn Bergman, songwriters* Bert Berns, songwriter* Linda Creed, songwriter* Sammy Fain & Paul Francis Webster, songwriters* Norman Gimbel, songwriter* Gerry Goffin & Carole King, songwriters* Joel Hirschhorn & Al Kasha, songwriters* Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller, songwriters* Jay Livingston & Ray Evans, songwriters* Johnny Mandel, songwriter* Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil, songwriters* Johnny Marks, songwriter* Abel Meeropol, composer of Strange Fruit* Randy Newman, songwriter, singer* Mitchell Parish, lyricist* Doc Pomus & Mort Shuman, songwriters* David Rose, pop composer* Carole Bayer Sager, lyricist* P. Sloan, songwriter, singer* Billy Steinberg, songwriter* Jim Steinman, songwriter* Albert Von Tilzer, songwriter* Diane Warren, songwriter* George David Weiss, songwriter [edit]Musicals writers* Richard Adler & Jerry Ross, composer & lyricist* Lynn Ahrens, lyricist* Harold Arlen, composer* Irving Berlin, composer & lyricist* Jerry Bock & Sheldon Harnick, composer & lyricist* Jason Robert Brown, composer & lyricist* Sammy Cahn, lyricist* Cy Coleman, composer* Betty Comden & Adolph Green, lyricists* Dorothy Fields, composer* William Finn, composer & lyricist* Rudolf Friml, operetta composer* George & Ira Gershwin, composer & lyricist* Adam Guettel, composer & lyricist* Marvin Hamlisch, composer* Oscar Hammerstein, lyricist (Jewish father)* Yip Harburg, lyricist* Lorenz Hart, lyricist* Jerry Herman, composer & lyricist* Jerome Kern, composer* John Kander & Fred Ebb, composer & lyricist* Burton Lane, composer* Jonathan Larson, composer & lyricist* Carolyn Leigh, lyricist* Mitch Leigh, composer* Alan Jay Lerner, lyricist* Frank Loesser, composer & lyricist* Frederick Loewe, composer (half Jewish)* Alan Menken & Howard Ashman, composer & lyricist* Bob Merrill, composer & lyricist* Sigmund Romberg, composer* Mary Rodgers, composer* Richard Rodgers, composer* Stephen Schwartz, composer & lyricist* Robert & Richard Sherman, composers &lyricists* Stephen Sondheim, composer & lyricist* Charles Strouse & Lee Adams, composer & lyricist* Jule Styne, composer* Kurt Weill, composer* Maury Yeston, composer & lyricist [edit]Classical composers* David Amram, composer* Milton Babbitt, composer* Arthur Berger, composer* Leonard Bernstein, composer* Marc Blitzstein, composer* Ernest Bloch, composer* Henry Brant, composer* Aaron Copland, composer* Richard Danielpour, composer* Mario Davidovsky, composer* David Diamond, composer* Jacob Druckman, composer* Morton Feldman, composer* Lukas Foss, composer* George Gershwin, composer* Philip Glass, composer* Louis Moreau Gottschalk, composer (Jewish father)* Morton Gould, composer* Aaron Jay Kernis, composer* Leon Kirchner, composer* Leo Ornstein, composer* George Perle, composer* Shulamit Ran, composer* Steve Reich, composer* George Rochberg, composer* Arnold Schoenberg, composer* William Schuman, composer* Ernst Toch, composer [edit]Film composers* Elmer Bernstein, film composer* Danny Elfman, film composer* Elliot Goldenthal, film composer* Jerry Goldsmith, film composer* Bernard Herrmann, film composer* James Horner, film composer* Michael Kamen, film composer* Erich Wolfgang Korngold, film composer* Alfred Newman, film composer* Thomas Newman, film composer (Jewish father)* Alex North, film composer* David Raksin, film composer* Leonard Rosenman, film composer* Marc Shaiman, film composer* Max Steiner, film composer* Dimitri Tiomkin, film composer* Franz Waxman, film composer* Victor Young, film composer [edit]Film directors* Woody Allen, Oscar-winning director, actor* Jack Arnold, director* Darren Aronofsky, director (Jewish father)* Peter Bogdanovich, director (Jewish mother)* James L.Mankiewicz, Oscar-winning director* Nancy Meyers, director, screenwriter* Lewis Milestone, Oscar-winning director* Mike Nichols, Oscar-winning director* Frank Oz, director (Jewish father)* Roman Polanski, Oscar-winning director (Jewish father)* Sydney Pollack, Oscar-winning director, actor, producer* Otto Preminger, director* Harold Ramis, director* Brett Ratner, director* Rob Reiner, director* Martin Ritt, director* Jay Roach, director* Jerome Robbins, Oscar-winning director, choreographer* Herbert Ross, director* Robert Rossen, director, screenwriter* David O.Russell, director, screenwriter (Jewish father)* John Schlesinger, director* Don Siegel, director* Bryan Singer, director* Robert Siodmak, director* Todd Solondz, director* Barry Sonnenfeld, director* Steven Spielberg, Oscar-winning director, producer* Josef von Sternberg, director* Oliver Stone, Oscar-winning director (Jewish father)* Edgar G.

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