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Csidating com

🙂 Thanks to my husband’s inspirational ideas I finally came up with a “fun” crime! Here is a list of all of the things you will need to gather for your date: Take the shoe that supposedly belongs to the criminal, paint the bottom with washable paint, and carefully “stamp” it on the Footprint Analysis paper.🙂 We had Joanna of Cutify Creative put our idea to paper with her I sent the invite to a few of our friends and we planned to have a homemade Cafe Rio night. If you use washable paint, and you are quick, it will wash right off the bottom of the shoe.Hand out the “Sticky Fingers” activity to warm up your detective skills! ) This is an activity I found online for teachers to do with their students.I found it SO fascinating, that I thought it would be neat for the couples to take their own prints to see what they look like.we think it’s a LOT more fun to solve one yourself!Get a group together (or just you and your sweetie) and join the case of CSI: Love Edition!

THEN, each couple tries to solve a crime that happened at a local bakery, at which fingerprints were left behind. 🙂 When your group is ready to start the actual solving of the crime…

After the LAST analysis is finished, hand out the “Crack the Case” slips, have everyone fill theirs out, and then read aloud the paper in the “Whodunnit? I also found a few other websites that had CSI-related things on them.

They looked interesting, but I didn’t play any of them so if they don’t “pan out”…

lemme just say they aren’t officially “Tara-Approved!

Marisol had a phone conversation with her brother, Eric, after a sniper killed at least four people in the center of Miami. Afterward, Eric helped to feed her when she had no appetite.

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Pretty much any night of the week you can find a crime show on TV.

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