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The resulting interest rate is a weighted average of your prior loan rates.

Refer to https://com/consolidate-student-loans-vs-refinance/ for more information.

If you have federal loans, the Department of Education has free programs that could help, including: These options are free.

You can learn more at the Department of Education’s Student or by contacting your federal student loan servicer. With private student loans, you typically have fewer repayment options, especially when it comes to loan forgiveness or cancellation.

There are several types of aid available to help you pay for your education beyond high school, including grants and scholarships, federal work-study jobs and student loans. A good way to apply for a grant is through your FAFSA form.

Student loans are debt you have to pay back, even if you don’t finish your degree.To explore your options, contact your loan servicer directly.If you don’t know who your private student loan servicer is, look at a recent billing statement.If some or all of your loans have variable interest rates, when you consolidate into a fixed loan may affect the interest rate of your loan.Consolidating federal loans with the federal government is free.

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And some of the companies that promise student loan debt relief are scams.

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