Config files in etc need updating Cam chat bastards com

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Config files in etc need updating

An update has caused the problem and we cannot figure it out what it is.are only read by the scripts to which they are relevant.But these files are not there in the etc/asterisks folder.After i setup the accounts manually through SSH in the Sip and extension configuration files it worked and i was able to register, I would appreciate if somebody could tell me what I am doing wrong or if it is normal to change this two files manually with Asteriks Now GUI.I did even a sip reload and a extension reload trough the CLI.But still I was not able to register I got always a message with indicating the requester is not setup in the ACL (Error 404). After some investigation I ve found some information that the user and extension are not written to the and extemsion,conf (by the way no change in the two named config files nothing setup in there) they shoud be written in the sip_and extension_I depend heavily on 'grep' to find and update the correct conf files. ) The include statements inside the conf files do not guarantee the corresponding file exists.My suggestion would be to confirm the permissions are set correctly.

While this task can be performed manually (or programmatically) by xcopying the files and updating the redirection.config file, the server administrator must export and import the encryption keys unless they intend not to use encryption.

Thank you in advance I am not clear on exactly what the problem is.

It sounds like you are able to update the and files using a text editor, reload Asterisk and your softphone can register.

Ubuntu: 12.04 LTS (Linux mysql02 3.2.0-40-generic #64-Ubuntu SMP Mon Mar x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux) My SQL: Ubuntu distro 5.5.31 Apparmor: REMOVED!

Server has been running rock solid for over a year.

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