Company of heroes opposing fronts validating media crack

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As such there *should* be a set of missions unlocked when you run Co H: Tales of Valor I bought all the games on steam.

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So, i deleted everything, installed the original company of heroes, but than, when im trying to install tales of valor or Opposing Fronts, im getting a massage that company of heroes already found in my pc and will uninstall itself in order to install tales of valor/ Opposing Fronts.

So how exactly i can unlock the missions in tales of valor if i cant install all the games together? I don't have tales of Valor but based on how Co H and Co H: Opposing forces worked, you can see the content of all three games but only play the missions you own.

Hi can anyone please please help me after downloading almost 7 patches and playing the game yesterday i have got home from work and says keeps saying profile busy try again later then asks where i got the game from RETAIL STORE, STEAM or DIRECT2DRIVE it then asks to put disc in (which is already in the computer)i click on bought in retail store then comes up can not verify media WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN i am getting very very P%&*$ED OFF with this i am getting very very close to throwing the game in the bin Try this Thank you for contacting THQ Customer Service.

This issue is known to occur on systems running multiple disc drives.

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Well, i installed companey of heroes - tales of valor, and i saw locked options in the game...