Chronological dating methods

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Chronological dating methods

Christian Education Alliance is a unique education ministry to home school families in the Tulsa metro area.Founded in 1994, CEA’s mission is to provide limited classroom instruction to home school students, helping parents provide an excellent academic foundation for their children.• There is one God who has chosen to reveal Himself to man through the Godhead: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. • Jesus is both fully human and fully God, was born of a virgin, and voluntarily suffered death by crucifixion, therefore becoming the great sacrifice of God “to take away the sins of the world." • Jesus rose from the grave in triumph over Satan, hell, and death.No one can be saved by any other way, or by any other name than Jesus'.Christian Education Alliance (CEA) was born in the hearts of two home school families who shared a desire for a different approach to education for their children.Circumstances, which God Himself seemed to orchestrate, led these families to step out in faith to begin a program with one teacher, offering limited classroom instruction to five students.The teacher will provide classroom instruction, make assignments, define appropriate evaluation tools, and keep permanent records.However, parents and their children must understand that parents remain “teachers,” as well. Male students may wear non-screen printed t-shirts, collared shirts, sweaters, slacks, jeans and knee-length shorts.

At CEA, we have intentionally created a learning environment which encourages students to develop healthy friendships without the pressures associated with pairing off.CEA is a community designed to enhance home education.CEA parents are Christians committed to being highly involved in the day-to-day education of their children, and willing to make the sacrifices necessary to make CEA successful for their children.Parents who entrust their children to the instruction of other individuals and institutions should understand what scriptural principles are held.These principles are integral to CEA's core beliefs.

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Often called “the best of both worlds,” CEA, a ministry of Tulsa Hills Church has provided a unique education program since January, 1994.• Develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ • Grow in their knowledge of biblical life principles and developing Christian character traits • Develop healthy, God-honoring relationships with their peers • Work diligently to establish a solid academic base from which to enjoy future academic and vocational success Christian Education Alliance (CEA) was born in the hearts of two home school families who shared a desire for a different approach to education for their children.

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