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Social media is riddled with pages offering matchmaking and dating services that have either gone belly-up or never quite got off the ground at all.

According to Beth Ceaorn, who manages the i Dating Cambodia Facebook page, the majority of similar pages were initially created by entrepreneurs in an attempt to gauge local interest in the fledgling matchmaking businesses.

There’s been so much time spent on creating automated journeys, social posts and generic messaging that DTC marketing has become overly depersonalized.

Essentially we are prioritizing efficiency over the long-term benefits of relationship building.

AD DEALS But if past efforts' experience is any indication, success is far from certain.

A former operator of a site called Khmer Friendly, who declined to be named, has stopped pursuing a profit model for the business and now allows the website to run for free, claiming that the venture was not able to generate revenue.

This worked for a time, with Chatterbox getting a cut of the revenue from the data users burned while using the app, but as the price of data fell, the cut got increasingly small.

It will also allow you to engage the customer, upsell, cross-sell and define yourself as a respected piece of your relationship.Hash Veasna, better known as Mister Match, began offering more traditional offline dating consulting services in 2007 and claims to be the first certified matchmaker in Cambodia.In a recent interview, he proudly held up his certificate from the New York-based Matchmaking Institute and explained how his career in finance abruptly shifted to one in the love industry.In recent years, a new crop of Cambodian virtual dating agencies have sprouted to pair up lovelorn singles, and operators are confident that demand for the services exists.But in a market rife with free competitors, local entrepreneurs are still trying to find the right chemistry to make the business sustainable.

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Somehow email marketing has taken over for direct to consumer relationship management. But, are you defining your relationship by never calling to say hello, thank you, or would you like these library wines? What message are you sending to someone you fancy if you can’t be bothered to call?