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This had little thin straps and matching lace trim to match the undies plus a little dainty ribbon bow in the middle of the delicate neck line.

When he had finished his hair his mom told him to sit in the tub and started filling it with water and the lavender scented bubble bath belonging to his sister also,agin he felt his face burn with embarrasment.

He cryed so hard now that he was trimbling and taking big sobbing breaths.

Mrs wilson almost felt sorry for him but kept her resolve as she new there was no turning back now, DRESS i said now, Justin picked up the undies with trembling hands like they were a dangerous snake,he steped into them and drew them up his hairless legs,the silkyness of the satin was soo soft and girly feeling he knew his face was on fire.

Justin had been such a hand full scince she had divoreced his father four years ago.

First he had gotten cauthed shop lifting with those boys he was hanging out with, worrying her to death then he refused to keep his apperance neat and she got numerous calls from his teacher about his grades, then it was the constant teasing and bullying of his sister jenny ,if she didnt do somting now it would only get worst, she pulled her car into the parking lot and headed for her first stop the buttons and bows childerens clothes shop.

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