Chart room of biosexual guy

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Sexual orientation is defined as an often enduring pattern of emotional, romantic and/or sexual attractions of men to women or women to men (heterosexual), of women to women or men to men (homosexual), or by men or women to both sexes (bisexual).

It also refers to an individual’s sense of personal and social identity based on those attractions, related behaviors and membership in a community of others who share those attractions and behaviors.

(That's how she befriended 5SOS, who were doing the same.) Later, there was a visit to a commune in Vermont and road trips to Montauk, N. But most vital was her time ­living in the lofts off Halsey Street in Brooklyn's Bushwick neighborhood, where she found her stage name, also an anagram for Ashley."Picture a 2012 equivalent of the Chelsea Hotel," says Halsey of the scene.

"There were white rappers, a guy who plays the harp, ­someone doing holistic healing for dogs, ­copious amounts of substances.

"I'm used to ­packing up and leaving, to condensing myself into a digestible version because people don't have much time to get to know me."But Halsey doesn't fit neatly into a box.

She's half-black/half-white, openly bisexual (two cuts of the steamy "Ghost" video ­alternately pair her with a man and a woman) and ­struggles with bipolar disorder, which she says made her an "unconventional child" who grew up to be an "inconvenient woman." In between, she lived a precocious, wildly ­bohemian lifestyle. At 14, she picked up an acoustic guitar and started doing You Tube covers.

She has two brothers, and attended six schools by the time she was a teen.

I was doing drugs, then cleaning up, fading in and out of psychosis. Ed Sheeran recently reached out to pay his respects.

Her fall headlining tour sold out in a day, and she'll be opening for The Weeknd later this year.

Steve Aoki, Halsey, Raury & More Give Sage Advice to Their College-Age Selves"I'm 20, but I feel 40," says Halsey, sporting pink shades and a baseball hat that reads, "I have to get rich...

We're all gonna die." "Kids I grew up with are going off to college, having threesomes in ­bathrooms and 'vaping' beer, but I went through my sex, drugs, loss and existential confusion phase at 17."Set for an Aug.

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Some surmise 2014's EP is named after a hotel room the pair once shared.

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