Charlize theron dating michael fassbender

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Charlize theron dating michael fassbender

Although she was joking, Theron may be on to something—she and Fassbender have a natural chemistry that could make them the next great screen couple. They may not be romantically involved in real life, but they jab, they admire, they spark in ways that could seduce the world. It’s the best thing I’ve seen in my entire life.” I thought, Just chill out, okay?

CT: If space is not the world of Ridley Scott, I’d go. Specifically, how much will we see of his celebrity-celebrated penis? I don't think it was available," Theron deadpanned when we asked exactly how much of Fassbender's member made the final cut."It was shooting the sequel for 'Shame' so we couldn't get it for 'Prometheus.' " Theron continued with the joke and claimed that she never got an opportunity to see it in the flesh (pun intended) because "it" was always working somewhere else.If you've been following our coverage of "Snow White and the Huntsman," you're likely aware that we've been lucky enough to spend some quality time with the fun-loving and charming Charlize Theron.And while we've enjoyed her tales of dangerous costumes and the "angular nudity" that was involved with that production, we cannot ignore the fact that the South African-born beauty is in another highly anticipated blockbuster this summer, "Prometheus." In knowing that the majority of the plot details of Ridley Scott's "Alien"-esque film are top secret, we knew that Theron wouldn't be able to reveal any major spoilers, so when we brought up the subject with her recently we went at it from a different angle, asking about her co-star Michael Fassbender's performance.

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"I'm available to work with it any time." Was this Charlize's not-so-subtle way of flirting with the 34-year-old hunk?

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