Cebu dating girls

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Cebu dating girls

The keyboard player was also a really nice guy, he called himself DD.

As I parted with the band, I told them that I’d be back at the bar the following night.

While working in Guam a few years back I made friends with several Filipinos; that's what sparked my interest in the Philippines.That evening I was back at the venue and, surely enough, the band was in full swing. While I was chatting with Tony, Imelda came up to me and placed her hand on my upper arm, Tony grinned at the sight.In a confident voice she said, "Lunch tomorrow." The first thought that sped through my mind was, "What? With the newly gained confidence, I asked them, "Play me an ABBA tune, will you?I couldn't resist the sound of tropical beaches, towering coconut palms, pristine water… The flight arrived after a short hop from Manila and I checked myself into a nice enough hotel.My plan was to stay in Cebu City for a few days and then head for the surrounding islands.

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They've had their share of hardship and have a totally different outlook on life." Tom added that Philippine people are wonderful people.