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Outspoken Angolan human rights activist and journalist Rafael Marques de Morais will be tried in camera for a story he wrote two years ago exposing alleged corruption, he said Monday.

The charges relate to a story that Marques wrote in 2016 about a purchase of land by former attorney general Joao Maria de Sousa.

Does the success of each movie depend on Matt Damon, or can Universal turn Bourne into Bond, an evergreen series that rotates in fresh blood every few movies?

To explore that question, I tried to capture how the series has evolved over the last decade with Bourne by the Numbers.

Weisz is responsible for the scientific explanation of what’s going on, while Norton gets most of the political exposition.

It is mostly technical gibberish that is used to develop the characters (Weisz’s scientist is terrible at dumbing down the explanation, as most real-life virologists would be), but the story is effectively conveyed in other ways.

I think Gilroy and Renner make a great case for the latter in is production designer Kevin Thompson, whom Gilroy has worked with in all his directorial features.

The major locations are spectacular, and the geography and personality of the sets are integrated so well into the storytelling.

Year: 2004 RT: 81% Worldwide Gross: 9 million works great as a proof of concept: the Bourne mythology can carry these spy stories beyond the one movie, marked by killing off a major character in the first act that launches Bourne on a mission of vengeance.The 46-year-old Oxford-educated Marques is no stranger to Angola's courts, having been arrested and detained several times.In 2015, he was convicted of defaming military generals in a book and was handed a six-month suspended prison sentence.But I am okay with that since most of these scenes, judged on their own merits, engage as they progress the best as a contained thriller, as in the house and the lab.

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Sure, it’s hard to screw up the scenes set on a snowy mountain or amid the streets of Manila.

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