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Calabar woman in nigeria sex

The Bashing The early exposure to, first the slave dealers, and then the white traders, made the local Calabar chiefs quite rich and powerful.

They had slaves which were either captured during military raids or fallout of the slave dealings with the white man.

Sexual Slaves There are stories of incidences of sexual harassment of the male servants by their mistresses and female servants by their masters.

The stories of the male servants’ sexual relationships with their mistresses are however told with more finesse (more like achievement on the part of the servants) than the female encounters with their masters.

Many Ibibios got so used to sending their children out as house helps to Calabar.

The very fact that these families had their relations working at Calabar – not really minding the fact of servitude – was a source of pride.

While the madam would always look for a way to reconcile with the oga, the Calabar maid would be bashed and thrown outside without pay.

The society will go ahead to excuse the bashing; after all ‘na Calabar girl’ they would say.

Prominent among these migrating tribes were the Ibibios and the Annangs.19th century saw Calabar as a major centre for trade in palm oil and palm kernels.The British made Calabar the centre of its southern Nigerian colonial administration from 1885 to 1906.The aim here is to clear the misconception other Nigerians have about the Calabar and hopefully understand why she is such a good home keeper, why would other who could not keep their men be afraid of the Calabar woman – could it be that the Calabar woman has what others do not?Could it be that the culture has anything to do with equipping her with a tool that make men happy?

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That may be the reason an average Efik girl would hardly marry an Akwa Ibom man (Akwa Ibom, a state created from former Cross River State, is predominantly Ibibios and Annangs).