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C propertygrid not updating

Having tabbing support would be a very feature as well (if it's not already there) The documentation on this subject is abiguous.Kris Hi Kris, This would have to be a function of the underlying editor control.In this case, it's just a Label property which is a string (I assume the PG just uses a Text Block for editing? I hit it will push the value to the PG and update the field. I would think it would be easy-peasy but I can't seem to find the answer in the documentation. It's just a class with some properties and it implements INotify Property Changed.Each property calls the Property Changed event in the setter.I'm not sure what you mean about "tabbing support". Selected Object is bound via XAML to my object's Selected Item property.The Tab can be used to move around the Property Grid. The property Grid is correctly populated with the appropriate fields when my object is selected (it happens to be part of a treeview) I click on one of the properties [in the PG] and start typing in the new value.You can try this behavior out for yourself in Visual Studio property grid.

Either way, we've added support for committing change when the Enter key is pressed to our default property editors for the next maintenance release. It also allows you to add any custom types, which may need special support. The Enter key should move focus back to the Property Grid Data Accessor Item (thus committing any changes) We've added support for this to the next maintenance release.

You can try this behavior out for yourself in Visual Studio property grid. But we should be able to handle the default cases, such as the Text Box/Combo Box. clicked on the name cell) I think that the appropriate behavior if you start typing would be for that typing to start an edit (move focus to the text box so the characters you type appear there).

If the text box already has content in that case, the typed text would replace any existing content.

We provide several built-in editors that work much like the Win Forms editor. Text Property Dim Binding Expression As Binding Expression = Direct Cast(e. Get Binding Expression(Text Property) If Binding Expression Is Not Nothing Then Binding Expression. Move Focus(New Traversal Request(Focus Navigation Direction. Next)) End If End Sub Hi Richard, So there are really three cases here: 1. typeof(Text Box) or typeof(Toggle Button)) to an action that should be performed.

These built-in editors leverage the native Text Box and Combo Box, among a few other controls. Update Target() ' Now move focus back to the Property Grid Data Accessor Item Direct Cast(e. Move Focus(New Traversal Request(Focus Navigation Direction. Previous)) End If End If End Sub Private Sub Key Down Handler(By Val sender As System. Move focus to the editor if the Property Grid Data Accessor Item has focus and the user starts typing Support for this is included in the latest release through the Property Grid. When Property Grid Data Accessor Item receives a Preview Text Input event (from the user typing) then the next focusable control is obtained and the associated action is performed.

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