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Ukrainian is different, all accounts are real, you can check it, using online web-date service.I had some questions, so I asked support for help and I got it!St David’s Hall, Cardiff Touring to May 3Rating: For a man with a fine-art degree and famously good taste, Bryan Ferry has never been very interested in stagecraft.His concerts tend to be conventional, his patter perfunctory (‘Good to be back in Cardiff! His set lists are largely predictable, with a cross-section of his career – sparky start, melancholy middle – teeing up the same old stompy finale. It’s partly that, like your favourite restaurant, he varies the menu just enough.For highlights, see a mighty I Can’t Explain and a 32-minute My Generation.Moyet has explored an electronic direction on her last two records.Born in Illinois, the daughter of an American doctor and a Swedish interior designer, Lissie Maurus seems a very grounded sort of goddess.

The crowd react much as normal, clapping along and chuntering when the hologram leaves the stage.But the award for best supporting player goes to Jorja Chalmers, the young Australian mum on a mission to make the saxophone sexy.With David Bowie and George Michael gone, Ferry is now the honorary president of the Sax Appreciation Society, and he takes his duties seriously, handing Chalmers several solos.Signature dishes such as Avalon and Slave To Love are joined by a few specials: this time it’s Where Or When, the Rodgers & Hart gem that brings out the bruised grandeur in Ferry’s voice, and Windswept, the ballad from the Boys And Girls album that oozes off-kilter beauty, reversing into your heart and staying there.It’s partly that, at 72, he has decades of well-crafted songs to draw on, whether with Roxy Music or solo.

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It’s partly that he doesn’t see his old stuff as sacrosanct.

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