Black fro white dating

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Black fro white dating

Black womanhood is to mean you can be a mother and father to your children; you don’t need a man!

(Turn the captions on, there are English subtitles…)The problem is that “needing someone” is treated like a cardinal sin, especially if you are a dark-skinned black women.

I bring up the image of the work-horse black woman and the non-working lighter/whiter woman because another theory I have is that this attitude is based off of the low valuation of black womanhood in the black community.

If black people in the United States are mentally damaged as a result of slavery and white racism, it makes sense that they turn this in on themselves.

Or their white skin was able to open doors for them that their “black sisters” could not walk through, no matter how hard those black women were already working.

But I digress…The point is that people in America may be so hell-bent on a “black women are wrong if they want a man to provide for them” because they are obedient to imagery burned to the minds of previous generations: It was the doing all the work, all the chores, all the child-rearing while the white women of the house weren’t expected to do much of anything except be taken care of.

These experiences and images in books, television, and movies created a norm: If you are a think it’s funny that Disney’s only black princess’s happy ending involves being able work and support herself and a broke prince?

For white women, they may feel they have exceeded their women ancestors by being educated and working and being single.

Black women are just as free to be single and educated and working for ourselves.

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