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You will find quite a lot of younger women with middle level of English, and very few women after 30 who speak English (unless they need the language every day at work).

Money: the services of many international dating agencies are free for women because it is a man who pays for everything.

Russian women prefer marriage agencies to free web-sites for several reasons.

First of all, they consider men who pay for agency services are more serious about meeting the right partner.

As it was said above, Russian women get mature at young age and quite ready to create a family being 20-25.

Traditionally, Russians marry in young age, it is considered that a woman at 25 should be married, and mothers start worrying about a girl not being married when she is 18.

Those girls who found a worthy guy in Russia are lucky, as there are not so many nice guys in Russia nowadays.

Thus it is normal that a Russian girl of 20-25 would say in her profile that she doesn't mind a husband 15-20 years older.

But the main thing is that a man should realize whether he will be able to fulfill desires of much younger partner, both physiological needs like regular sex and sociological like active life, meetings with friends, discos and night clubs.

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Men of 40-50 and more years of age who divorced their western wife and do not want to date western women, or were busy with the career and because of the lack of time did not create a family, and think now its time to have that special woman at one's side.

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