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Children for whom this is the primary disabling condition are often diagnosed with an emotional or behavioral disorder, which may be designated as "emotional support," "severely emotionally challenged," or "conduct disorder." Many children with disabilities may be less mature than their typical peers and may reflect less understanding of how to manage their own emotions.

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders commonly have difficulty with emotional self-regulation and understanding emotion.

You can ask your child what skills and situations he’d like to practise.

Your child could also try role-playing with other family members or friends.

It can also contribute to a positive classroom environment.

For your teenage child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), there are lots of upsides to having healthy relationships with peers.

Or you could video your child taking turns, so that she can watch herself modelling the behaviour.

You could also use video to help your child understand facial expressions, body language, tone of voice and so on.

For example, you and your child could role-play the skills you need when you’re in a shop, like saying hello, asking for what you want and saying thank you.

You could also try something related to friendships, like asking a classmate to get together at the weekend.

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