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Of course, she had resisted these feelings at first, shocked and disgusted with herself to find herself thinking of her nephew in a sexual way.But the knowledge that he also felt drawn to her lessened her sense of shock and guilt.Earlier he had admired the way her panties showed against her skirt.Having seen many pairs on the washing line and hanging inside to air, he wondered which she was wearing.

It had been good to catch up with Linda and her husband Tony. It was summer and Mark, half way between his eighteenth and nineteenth birthday, was due to go away to start college in a few weeks' time. He often made a droll comment that made his parents, and her, laugh.She was also sure that even if he rejected her advances -- which seemed unlikely -- he would not tell her sister.It was fortunate as well that the back of her sister's house was not overlooked -- at least there was no need to draw any curtains and arouse suspicion.In fact she found herself positively, but subtly, encouraging it.Her breasts were only small but she left one more blouse button undone than she usually would and made sure that from time to time he got chance to see inside.

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And if she wore trousers she made sure that she wore small panties to show off her tight backside.

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