Asp net objectdatasource onupdating

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Asp net objectdatasource onupdating

To run an update you need to have a method on your object that takes userid, name and surname, your object must support either an empty constructor or the method must be static.

The project files are also attached with this article so please feel free to download them.

i want to use updating event to initialy create my original user entity then objectdatasource will update name property on this original entity.

on update process i can not handle object creation that update process will use.

the other way I suppose is to itterate through all the controls within in it?

Is there anyway to use filtering without objectdatasource, or is there a way to give objectdatasource an source then bind it to my gridview.

For example, if your objectdatasource had a method update Customer(Byval c as customer) and your gridview had fields forename and surname and add1 and postcode, would the objectdatasource know to map fore...

Notice the Item Type is set, rather than using Eval().

Gridview Search Without Object Datasource Filter Parameters Gridview Search Without Object Datasource Filter Parameters Couple weeks ago I read a article about highlighted search in Gridview ( and in my project I used things I learned but now things changed I have a gridview and in code I give its datasource so because I dont use any objectdatasource I dont know where to write my filtering parameters.You can handle the Updated event to examine any return values, output parameters, and exceptions, and to perform any post-processing.The method delegates to the Update method of the Object Data Source View that is associated with the Object Data Source control.If it is an instance method, the business object is created and destroyed each time the method that is specified by the property is called.Typically, this is used to modify the type of the data in the parameter.

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In most real world scenarios the end product layout is usually customized and thus begins my problem.

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