Armory not updating my character law enforcement dating services

Posted by / 18-May-2020 22:21

Armory not updating my character

When i say it was fine last week I mean I was displaying as a lvl 90 in the correct guild on the correct server with my latest gear and the version currently showing (the 85 druid in Wrath on Shadowsong) no longer existed as you would expect.The armory now basically has 2 versions of the same character which shouldn't be the case.

You can update your progress manually by searching (live) for the characters that were in your raid - New items are being added. Please report any bugs on forum- Statistic priorities for all classes have been re-evaluated.To further update this my profile corrected itself again last night and was working as you would expect but again this morning it has reverted to lvl 85 etc rendering the mobile app useless.Can you please look into this as its not simply a case of the armory not having updated.- Worldoflogs ranks and new items will be added when 5.4 goes live.If you are a Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft fan, you might want to check out

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