America dating in islamic south

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Perhaps the map found by Khalil Edhem Bey was part of this handbook, which was presented to Sultan Selim I in 1517 CE, and which would explain how the mysterious parchment was found in Serallo.What is most important to this study, however, is that this map is one of the most conclusive pieces of hard evidence to show the validity of Muslim exploration in the Western hemisphere.

Roman coins continued in use as currency into the medieval times.

He was a young man of Cordoba who gathered a group of young men and went on a voyage on this ocean.

After a long time, he returned with a fabulous booty. 17” A narration by Abu Bakr ibn Umar al-Qutiyya (not to be confused with the author of Tarikh Iftitah al-Andalus, Ibn al-Qutiyya) relates the story of Ibn Farrukh who landed in February 999 CE in Gando (Great Canary), visited King Guanariga and continued his journey westwards till he found islands he called Capraria and Pluitana. Abu Abd Allah Muhammad al-Idrisi (1090-1180), the famous Arab physician and geographer who established himself in the Arabicised court of King Roger II of Sicily, reported in his extensive work Kitab al-Mamalik wa-l-Masalik, in the 12 century on the journey of a group of seamen who reached the isles of the Americas.

Adventurers have penetrated it at the risk of their lives, some returning safely, others perishing in the attempt.

One such man was an in habitant of Andalusia named Khashkhash.

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They finally reached an island that had people and civilization but they were captured and chained for three days.

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