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I am constantly expanding the descriptions below, so check back often for new updated information.They all started out as exactly 2 sentences each, but I’ve been adding more specific histories.It was remodeled, and considerably spruced up, by owners Michael and Meredith Miller in 1989 adding heavy oak doors with embossed glass, marble counters, tin ceilings, honeycomb tile floors and original period soda fountain equipment acquired from Me Gee Pharmacy in Joplin, Missouri. (1915) Watson Drugs & Soda Fountain Originally opened as a drugstore in 1899 by a man named Kellar Watson, it was first located on Glassell Orange, but moved around the corner to Chapman Ave in 1901.(1915) Fair Oaks Pharmacy & Soda Fountain originally opened in 1915 as the South Pasadena Pharmacy at the same location that it still stands today on Mission Street, then known as Route 66.The soda fountain and lunch counter, serving ice cream treats and diner food, was added in the when the business became Raymond’s Pharmacy in the 1920s, and is one of the very few surviving soda fountains in the area.

The original tin ceilings were uncovered, new neon was added to the front and an old-time feeling wooden bar was added with more neon.

I have also been working hard at photographing everything on this list and have a Google Map in the works broken down by type of restaurant, location and descriptions.

My goal is to have it finished soon and and publish it here at the Los Angeles Beat.

(1908) Philippe the Original An old fashioned delicatessen with sawdust on the concrete floors, long communal wooden tables, vintage wooden booths and photographs and historical ephemera covering the walls.

They are most famous for their French dipped roast beef sandwich and roll soaked in gravy.

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It will make it easier to find the vintage restaurant you are in the mood for by type of food and neighborhood.

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