A divorcee dating a widower Teen flirt sex

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A divorcee dating a widower

[/quote] With all due respect, if you are going to ask questions on a Catholic forum, you should expect to receive Catholic answers.

It appears you are here to contradict the religion and my questions is ' Don't you have better things to do with your time?

I think that a person's individual relationship with God is a lot more important than their relationship with their church. [/quote] The Bible teaches us that Christ and his Church are one.

We hope to be married there, perhaps some small church in a small Italian countryside village. Will I be able to be married in the Catholic Church, or does the fact that we already live together, and that she is divorced from an LDS marriage deny us the capability of being married in The Church? Please do not use your responses to explain to me ad nauseum that I’m morally bankrupt for being with her…I’ve dealt with that on a similar forum before.

Hello: I hope I don’t get attacked on here for living what purists would call a morally depraved life…and yes, I’ve basically heard this from some. We were both Catholic, very happy together and “did things right”, if you will.

just about 9 years ago now, my first wife died from cancer (she was 31).

If it is true that her previous marriage was not valid, you should be free to marry her.

[quote="babs57, post:3, topic:317662"] I don't think the Catholic Church recognizes LDS marraiges as valid marriages. Non-Catholics, including the unbaptized, marry validly. Why do you even want to get married in the Catholic Church? Ok, I know you weren't really asking for this but I feel like I need to put it out there.

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Please don't think I want to attack you for living a "morally depraved life", but if you know that what you're doing is (probably) wrong according to the Church, why do you still want to proceed with this marriage through the Church? I believe that the Catholic church has it more 'right' than other organized churches.

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