16 datingsite

Posted by / 11-Apr-2020 18:26

16 datingsite

I’ve been taking a look at the Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) and utilising that with cloud DP’s to manage Internet based clients.

A big thanks to Robert Marshall’s blog post on the Technical Preview feature ‘Config Mgr and the Cloud Proxy Point‘ which helped with understanding the necessary steps for certificate creation and export.CMG has been around for a while, since the 1610 release, and it is still classed as a pre-release feature but don’t let that put you off installing as Microsoft gives full support to all pre-release features.The CMG can be set up and configured using an internal PKI infrastructure but the preferred method is to get a public certificate.Name the template accordingly, I have simply called mine SCCMCMG.Now we need to create a template for the client authentication. Click Finish to complete the export of the trusted root.

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